San Francisco-based Cisco partner announces statewide recruitment drive to build ‘rich talent pool’ for expansion.

NEW YORK, September 1, 2021 ( – Port53, a leader in cloud-based cybersecurity and intelligence, today opened its New York City offices in its latest step towards global expansion.

The San Francisco-based company is now poised to grow its presence in the northeast and stage forays into European territories such as the UK. Additionally, Port53 has set its eyes on markets in Asia, the Middle East and Africa.

“New York is the ideal staging ground for our global ambitions,” said Omar Zarabi, CEO and Founder, Port53. “As Cisco’s number-one Cloud Security partner, we have established ourselves as the go-to cybersecurity solutions provider for the expanding small and mid-sized business. We set out on a mission to deliver proprietary services nationally and abroad that would make cybersecurity simple for organizations of all sizes. Now that we have added value for clients across the U.S., it is time to take our mission further.”

As part of its New York launch, Port53 announced their intensive statewide recruitment drive.

“We are determined to acquire the best talent to lead our defense of organizations, their people, their data, and their bottom lines,” Derek Jorgensen, Director of Sales, Port53 said. “When you partner with Port53, we take on the role of your security nerve-center, so we are going to need a rich talent pool to deliver that promise beyond our domestic market.”

Port53’s leadership team believes that, following the transformative events of 2020 and 2021, enterprises across the world are looking to build more resilient ecosystems while gaining the freedom that cloud computing gives to accelerate digital transformation. These businesses, according to Zarabi, will also need to protect their remote workforces while complying with ever more stringent regulatory obligations.

“Businesses today not only need to cope with constant change, they need to confront the frantic pace of that change; and never was that more apparent than during the pandemic,” Zarabi added. “If you can scale quickly, you can succeed, but you need to account for the technology sprawl and complexity that comes with cloud migration.”

Port53’s solutions, services, and capabilities are designed for the complexities of hybrid environments, including multi-cloud technology stacks. The company’s approach is to simplify day-to-day operations for tech teams and secure digital estates so that innovation and economic growth can continue unabated.

“We can’t wait to bring our brand of holistic security to other markets and play a role in economic growth around the world,” said Zarabi.

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