& Cisco XDR
Real-time Response

Detect, respond, and remediate threats before they wreak havoc on your business.

Cisco XDR

The Vanguard of Cybersecurity

In an era where cyber threats are ever-evolving, it’s essential to be equipped with solutions that provide comprehensive visibility and actionable insights across your entire digital environment.

Choose Your Cybersecurity Pathway

Cisco XDR

Powering Internal SOCs

Enhance your internal Security Operation Center (SOC) with Cisco XDR’s advanced capabilities.

Every digital corner under surveillance.

Swift guidance to pressing threats.

Strategic actions, simplified to a click.

Fast-track threat remediation.

Automate the Level 1 Analyst Tasks.

Port53 Managed XDR

Full Coverage Security

Lack an internal SOC? We’ve got you covered:

Vigilant eyes, ensuring timely detection & remediation.

Cisco XDR’s advanced capabilities, managed by our experts.

Focus on your business; we handle the threats.

Premium security without the overhead of an internal team.

Streamline Threat Response


Lean IT Teams

Manual processes slow down incident response, giving threats a chance to grow more sophisticated.

By pairing the advanced AI-driven XDR capabilities with expert human intelligence, Port53 is able to deliver superior protection for your organization.

Port53 mXDR automates the triaging and understanding of threats while pushing the edge of what is automatable from a response and remediation standpoint.

Unlock Efficiency with Cisco XDR

By providing a holistic view of threats and real-time telemetry across your technology landscape, XDR delivers the right information necessary for effective threat management.


Time Reduction

Security analysts witness a staggering drop in time spent per incident over a span of three years.


Lowered Risk

Dive deep into insights with XDR and halve the potential risk of a data breach.



Combat the cyber talent shortage by upskilling your L1 security analysts to be 10x more efficient.

Managed XDR

Full Coverage Security for All

Take Cisco XDR to the next level with our managed offering. Defend your business against advanced cyber threats with confidence.

Instant Incident Visibility

Quickly view all recent events and their statuses in the Port53 Customer Platform.

Hassle-Free Management

You focus on your business, and we’ll focus on safeguarding it. We develop a unique solution for your organization.

High Fidelity & Low False Positives

Discern truly malicious incidents by analyzing telemetry and its impact on your infrastructure.

24/7 Monitoring

Our experts keep a vigilant eye, ensuring threats are detected and remediated promptly.

Cost-Effective Security

Avoid the overheads of an internal SOC team, while still benefiting from top-tier security management.

Unifying your Security Stack

All third-party vendors are unified across your entire security posture.

3rd Party integration with mXDR

We offer integrations for Cisco security products and third-party solutions. The Integrations page allows you to configure and view your integrations, and to view all Cisco and third-party integrations that are available for configuration

Your Partners in Security

Why Choose

Our team of security experts work closely with you to identify key vulnerabilities, and take the appropriate actions.

As your cybersecurity business partner Port53 focuses on aligning your technology risk with your business risk and desired business outcomes.

Port53 can help you secure all the devices on and off your network, educate staff on common cyber threats, and modernize your systems.

See it all in your Port53 Customer Platform!