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How Do You Respond To A Cyber Attack?

The Impact of a Cyber Attack The impacts of a cyber attack can be devastating to an SMB or mid-size company.  When an attack happens, you may not have access to business-critical systems needed to run your company. According to Cisco’s 2018 Security Capabilities Benchmark study, 40% of SMBs experienced downtime of 8 hours or…

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Is Shadow IT Putting Your Organization at Risk?

The traditional ways of approaching IT security are no longer enough. When most IT was handled on-premises a comprehensive security strategy would involve securing your hardware and network, put in place the appropriate firewalls, protect yourself with a good antivirus software, regularly update all company approved software, and backup your data regularly. But Cloud Computing…

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Small Businesses Face a ‘Perfect Storm’ for Cybersecurity

What is a Perfect Storm? Wikipedia describes a Perfect Storm as an event in which a rare combination of circumstances drastically aggravates the event.   In other words, a worst-case scenario.  Today Cybersecurity presents small businesses with a Perfect Storm as they try to protect their IT environments. Hackers are increasingly focusing on SMBs (43% of cyber…

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