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OneLogin Logo

OneLogin is a leading Identity and Access Management (IAM) software tool which is designed to simplify almost all business logins with efficiency and security. OneLogin implements one universal login credential for each user to access various business apps and tools.


Single Sign-On (SSO)

Sign in once and you're done. A single password gets users to a portal where they can access corporate apps in the cloud and behind the firewall. It's the end of forgotten usernames and passwords with our secure SSO software.


OneLogin Acess

OneLogin Access extends the reach of the OneLogin Unified Access management Platform to applications hosted on-premises, at remote data centers, or in private clouds to simplify access administration, reduce IT costs, improve security, and optimize the user experience.


Centralized Cloud Directory

OneLogin is your directory in the cloud. Unify your Active Directory, LDAP, G Suite and Workday directories seamlessly in OneLogin.


User Lifecycle Management

Automate onboarding and offboarding in enterprise apps with real-time sync and streamline entitlements using powerful rules.


Mobile Identity

Passwords are even more painful on a tiny keyboard. OneLogin's mobile identity management product makes your enterprise apps accessible with a single click on smartphones and tablets.


Compliance Reporting

Centralized access control produces a rich audit trail that you can tap into using OneLogin's standard and custom reporting.

Duo Logo

Duo Security MFA verifies the identity of all users with strong Two-Factor Authentication – before granting access to corporate applications to protect against phishing and other access threats.

Authentication Methods

Duo's wide variety of authentication methods enable every user to securely and quickly log in. Duo Push, sent by our Duo Mobile authentication app, allows users to approve push notifications to verify their identity. We also support Universal 2nd Factor (U2F), security keys and tokens, one-time passcodes (OTP), SMS and phone callback to provide flexible options for all types of users - from clinicians to third-party contractors.

Easily Enroll and Manage Users

While Duo's user self-enrollment method is intuitve enough for users to do on their own, we also offer automatic enrollment options for ease of user provisioning for larger organizations. Quickly synchronize thousands of users from existing directories like Active Directory and Azure AD, or import users from a CSV file. Plus, users can manage their own authentication devices through our self-service portal, reducing your help support time. 

Quickly Deploy, at Scale

Deploying at scale has never been so painless. Duo's lightweight software as a service (SaaS) solution requires minimal infastructure to roll out to thousands of users. Plus, we send updates to your users' devices to ensure they always have the latest security patches and features, eliminating overhead on your end.

Cisco Cloudlock Logo

Cisco Cloudlock is the cloud-native Cloud Access Security Broker (CASB) that helps accelerate use of the cloud. Cisco Cloudlock secures your cloud identities, data, and apps, combating account compromises, data breaches, and cloud app ecosystem risks, while facilitating compliance through a simple, open, and automated API-driven approach.

Cloud Identity Security

Cisco Cloudlock defends against account compromises and malicious insiders with cross-platform for User and Entity Behavior Analytics (UEBA).

Cloud Data Security

Cisco Cloudlock protects organizations against data breaches and exposures with a highly-configurable data loss prevention engine with automated, policy-driven response actions.

Cloud App Security

The Cisco Cloudlock Apps Firewall discovers and controls malicious cloud apps connected to your corporate environment, and provides a crowd-sourced Community Trust Rating to identify individual app risk.