Cisco Breach

Protection Suite

Empower your security teams to simplify operations and accelerate response.

Detect smarter. Respond faster. Deliver better SOC experiences.

Empower your security teams to simplify operations and accelerate response.

Stop the Most Complex Attacks

• Uncover attacks faster with AI/ML
driven enrichment

• Deliver impact-based prioritizations
with correlated telemetry

• Improve efficacy through network-
based detections across cloud/

Significantly Accelerate Incident Response

• Speed up investigation by getting the
right information every step of the way

• Understand the full scope of attacks
with unified visibility from a single,
intuitive console

• Streamline response by pairing human
talent with AI and automation

Maximise Your Resources

• Integrate with existing tools to
optimize investments and improve ROI

• Empower analysts to take fast, decisive
actions with guided remediation

• Ease the security talent gap and
alleviate burnout by automating
manual tasks

Defend Against Sophisticated Threats

In today’s evolving threat landscape, attackers are constantly finding new ways to breach organizations. When an attack happens, your security team needs to be able to respond immediately and effectively to shut them down fast.

Cisco Breach Protection cuts through the clutter of disconnected tools and controls to unify protection and simplify operations.

With Breach Protection, your team will be able to stop the most complex attacks, significantly accelerate incident response, and maximize their resources.

If it’s connected, you’re protected

Breach Protection

More connected users and devices creates more complexity. Cisco Security Cloud, integrated and centrally managed, makes security easier for IT and safer for everyone.

Choose a Package that Suits Your Needs

Cisco Breach Protection comes in two packages


Breach Protection Essentials

Detect and respond to threats like Wizard Spyder and Turla utilising phishing, endpoint vulnerabilities and living-off-the-land attacks through an integrated email, endpoint and XDR solution.

XDR Essentials

Email Threat Defense

Secure Endpoint Advantage


Breach Protection Advantage

Enhance security by uniting network-based detections across cloud/on-premises. Products in the Advantage tier include and build upon products within the Essentials tier.

XDR Advantage

Secure Endpoint Premier

Secure Network Analytics

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Breach Protection
Empower your security teams to simplify operations and accelerate response.

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