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Port53 Technologies is focused on delivering enterprise-grade, cloud-delivered security solutions that are easy to deploy, simple to manage and extremely effective, helping customers not only get a big-data and predictive approach to security, but also a more integrated and automated approach. Port53 Technologies is currently working closely with Cisco’s leading security offerings in Cisco Umbrella, AMP for Endpoints, Meraki, Cloud Email Security, Duo Security and CloudLock, as well as other cloud-delivered security solutions such as OneLogin and Lacework.

Mission Statement

To enable SMBs to safely and securely thrive in the digital world by delivering enterprise-grade solutions that are easy to deploy, simple to manage, and extremely effective.

Our Why

In today’s world, it is not the change in technology that is important to note, but rather, the rate of change in technology. Companies big and small that are in the forefront of these rapid changes and advancements are the ones that will be best positioned to succeed. For organizations around the world, the most critical areas of today’s technological growth are in Information Security, Cloud Adoption, IoT, and Big-Data Solutions.

However, with new technologies being released seemingly every day, and with the amount of noise that is driven by broad-based marketing tactics, it is hard for IT Professionals to stay on top of what technology is best for their organizations. Port53 Technologies was formed to assist SMB organizations in quickly and confidently testing, deploying and implementing the right technology solutions that best fit their needs and environment.

Our How

Cloud computing allows for unlimited compute, unlimited storage, and unlimited analytical power, which creates an incredible platform to deliver big-data driven, advanced and proactive security protection at a pay-per-use model. With the power and elasticity of the cloud, we are able to deliver the same enterprise-grade security and protection that Fortune 500 companies deploy to small and mid-sized businesses. Protection that was not accessible to SMBs a few years ago, but is now necessary.

Our Team

Our Team

We’re growing! Interested in joining our team and pursuing our mission of helping SMBs safely and securely thrive in today’s digital world? Tell us why by emailing: