Captivating flash mob campaign held at GISEC 2022 sparks conversation among industry professionals.

DUBAI, Arab Emirates, March 30, 2022 ( – Port53 Technologies, a global leader in cyber security solutions and services, has announced the opening of its regional headquarters in Dubai, coinciding with its participation at the GISEC 2022 Security Conference held at the Dubai World Trade Center. 

At the event attended by security experts from across the globe, Port53 put a spotlight on the threat that ransomware poses to all businesses and governments alike. With a massive turnout, Port53 was able to shock and inspire conversation among security professionals with a message to join hands to fight against the bad actors who leverage ransomware. 

Port53, within the area created by The Cyber Security Council, demonstrated how bad actors hold enterprises to ransom by taking vital data hostage in a flash mob situation. Masked individuals in red jumpsuits stormed the conference floor with the well-known hymn of freedom and resistance, Bella Ciao, playing across conference speakers. As the mob of masked individuals ran through the conference throwing flyers in the air, a video began to play across the main stage. As the flyers settled, attendees scanned the printed QR codes to watch a video calling the industry to action. Through this act, the physical representation of ransomware has spurred conversation and sparked collaboration among industry leaders. Port53 has shown its dedication to the fight against ransomware and will not shy away from this challenge.

Announcing the expansion, Omar Zarabi, CEO and founder, Port53, said, “As the fast-growing hub for digital transformation services, Dubai serves as an ideal center for us to expand our base across the region and provide businesses with the entire range of security services. With offices in San Francisco, New York, Vancouver, Bangalore, and London, it was a natural progression to be in Dubai. At GISEC, we were particularly focused on addressing ransomware, a major threat that all businesses face today. We believe that to grow one’s business, it is important to focus on serving customers rather than fending off unwarranted cybersecurity threats. We serve as a security nerve center for businesses and deliver solutions and services that secure all digital assets.”

Port53 works closely with Cisco’s leading security offerings to address threats such as ransomware. Through an in-depth architectural approach, the firm secures businesses from vulnerabilities. Port53 provides advanced detection, mitigation, and response solutions, from the cloud to the endpoint, and delivers customized cyber services that meet specific organizational goals. Providing the ultimate enterprise-grade, round-the-clock protections with a full-on Security Operations Center, the tech leader brings solutions that are an ideal fit to the new reality. 

Zarabi added, “With new ways of working, including remote access, it is important for businesses to ensure end-to-end security while embracing new digital technologies to drive better business outcomes. Our solutions provide a comprehensive approach to securing the digital ecosystem and ensure a strong, regulatory-compliant, and resilient one, giving companies the confidence to continue their digital maturity journey.”