Cybersecurity leader introduces enterprise-level, subscription-based penetration testing at a per IP price point.

SAN FRANCISCO, April 13, 2021 ( – Port53 Technologies, an industry leader in customer-centric cloud security, announced the launch of their Cyber Threat Management (CTM) services that will empower small and mid-sized businesses to gain constant visibility into their organizations’ threat landscapes.

Port53, leveraging the power and elasticity of the cloud, has found a solution to the ongoing issue that encompasses penetration testing. “For compliance reasons, businesses need to complete penetration testing,” Omar Zarabi, President and CEO of Port53 says. “However, until now, small and mid-sized businesses have been forced to approach testing as a means to check the box once or twice a year. Our new service enables organizations to utilize penetration testing in a continuous manner.”

Historically, the process of penetration testing has been manual and labor-intensive, requiring cybersecurity individuals to simulate attacks against their organization to find vulnerabilities. Because of the extent of time and resources this process consumed, many resource-restrained organizations deployed a watered-down approach to penetration testing as a means of satisfying compliance requirements.

As technology and the way of work change, vulnerabilities also change. Any robust, proactive security stack needs to have constant visibility into the threat landscape. For large enterprises, best practices are to deploy a programmatic approach that validates their efforts. When a new change happens or a new service is stood up, a penetration test is automatically launched.

Port53 has taken this process and developed a service that is affordable and accessible to small and mid-sized enterprises. By leveraging the cloud, Port53 delivers the same approach used by enterprise-level organizations to SMBs and SMEs at a fraction of the price. This means testing runs more often, providing organizations with better visibility and better protection. True long-term value comes with consistently seeing where vulnerabilities are, remediating, and reassessing. 

“By removing much of the manual labor from the process of an enterprise-level penetration test, we can provide more frequent and more robust testing, enabling organizations to have a solid understanding of their vulnerabilities and the ever-changing threat landscape.” 

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