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Don’t Let Hackers Ruin Your Summer Vacation

You may be taking a vacation, but hackers are not. In fact, many hackers wait for times like this when security teams are likely to be short staffed because of vacations or holidays. Learn how to protect yourself and your company from a cyber attack while traveling.

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Small Businesses Face a ‘Perfect Storm’ for Cybersecurity

What is a Perfect Storm? Wikipedia describes a Perfect Storm as an event in which a rare combination of circumstances drastically aggravates the event.   In other words, a worst-case scenario.  Today Cybersecurity presents small businesses with a Perfect Storm as they try to protect their IT environments. Hackers are increasingly focusing on SMBs (43% of cyber…

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Your employees may be the most critical part of your cybersecurity strategy.  Up to 25% of data breaches are caused by employee “mistakes” (2018 Cost of a Data Breach Study by Ponemon).   It happens in even the largest companies. Human error was blamed in the Equifax breach of over 147 million consumer’s sensitive credit data.…

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