The coronavirus pandemic has affected virtually every part of our lives. To make matters worse, opportunistic cybercriminals are exploiting fear and uncertainty created by the pandemic to take advantage of already vulnerable businesses. 

To help struggling businesses, we are offering four of our cybersecurity solutions at no cost during the COVID-19 crisis. We are able deploy full-access subscriptions of Cisco Umbrella, Cisco Duo, Cisco AMP for Endpoints, and OneLogin IAM in minutes completely free until July 1st, 2020. 

Reality Before COVID-19

Small and Midsize Businesses are already vulnerable to cyber-attacks. They are often under-protected and underprepared due to resource constraints, such as low budgets and small IT teams, with only a few people responsible for everything IT related, including cybersecurity.

43% of all data breaches target SMBs.

Verizon’s most recent Data Breach Investigation Report (DBIR)

From our experience, there are two types of IT teams in the SMB space, proactive or reactive. Proactive teams are continually updating and adding new technologies and solutions to their technology stack, while reactive teams often have a “don’t replace until it breaks” mentality.

Because SMBs tend to be resource-restrained, many of our customers (over 85%) tend to fall into the reactive bucket. Because of this, many are still relying on legacy, on-premise solutions that were effective in protecting end users when they were at the office and behind the corporate firewall, but are rendered useless when employees left and connected anywhere outside of the network. These organizations have not adopted proper solutions or security measures to protect remote users.

60% of SMBs that are hacked go out of business within six months.

The National Cyber Security Alliance

To add to this, small businesses typically may not have the bandwidth, resources, personnel, or know-how to deploy the proper security solutions that will genuinely protect their organizations. 

A Changing Landscape 

Many SMB organizations rely heavily on their corporate firewall and corporate network to ensure protection, having all users either working behind the network or through a VPN.

However, over the past few years, we have already seen a shift from work being a place you go to, to something that you do. We have noticed an increasing trend of cloud app adoption and remote working. These fundamental changes in the way we work leave users exposed and the network vulnerable if new security approaches are not adopted. 

Employees are now safe at home from the virus but are more exposed than ever to cybercriminals ready to exploit their weaknesses. 

Omar Zarabi, CEO, Port53

This shift to remote work has been spiraled into hyperdrive by the recently adopted global quarantines and social distancing movements. SMBs are suddenly having to deal with the reality that their employees are no longer working and connecting to a corporate network, but rather connecting from any network available to them.

The State of Now  

Cybercriminals are using the COVID-19 crisis as an opportunity to attack vulnerable companies, with multiple independent organizations reporting unprecedented spikes in cyber-attacks. This increase in attacks, coupled with more people than ever working from home (away from the safety of the corporate network and firewall), leaves all organizations, especially SMBs, at high risk of a cyber-attack. 

As we scramble to make sense of our rapidly changing realities, and home-working becomes the new normal, criminals are seeking to capitalize on the widespread panic – and succeeding nonetheless. New coronavirus-themed phishing scams are leveraging fear to steal personal information or to infect your devices with malware.

The average cost for Small Businesses to clean up after a breach stands at $690k, for Mid-Market Companies, it’s over $1M.

The National Cyber Security Alliance

Employees working from home, resource-restrained IT Teams, and a heightened level of uncertainty have created ideal conditions for cybercriminals to launch attacks. These attacks have the potential to do more long-term harm to organizations than the effects of coronavirus related losses in productivity. 

We are Here to Help

Port53 has worked with two of our vendors to ensure we can offer our cyber solutions at no cost to help and support struggling businesses during the COVID-19 crisis. We can quickly deploy Cisco Umbrella, Cisco Duo, Cisco AMP for Endpoints, and OneLogin IAM with free full-access subscriptions until July 1st, 2020. No hidden costs, no implementation fees, and no purchase necessary to take advantage of this.

Cisco Umbrella brings visibility across all SaaS application usage and can be deployed across all locations and devices in minutes.

Cisco Security

These solutions can make or break a lot of companies out there. They are meant to protect remote workers and offer visibility for IT teams in this already stressful time.

Businesses have been thrown a curveball with little time to react, now more than ever, your organization is left exposed to cybercrime. It is imperative to act now. Get your free Cybersecurity solutions now. 

About Port53 

Port53 sells cybersecurity solutions to businesses for the future of work. Our suite of cyber solutions is the best in class to help protect employees anytime, off any device, anywhere. We work with companies to assess their current security measures and make a game plan to implement solutions that are tailored to their needs.

Our solutions are aimed at protecting users when they are not behind the corporate firewall. By leveraging the Cloud as a platform, and by utilizing pre-existing protocols (everyone uses DNS), we can quickly deploy our solutions remotely within a customer’s environment in as little as 15 minutes. We can enforce the same protection that Fortune 5 companies utilize in their environments, without the need for a company to build it out themselves. 

These are proven, established, enterprise-grade Corporate IT security solutions that we can deliver to SMBs in a simple to deploy, easy to manage, and simple to consume manner. We help SMBs leverage the Cloud to attain a resilient Corporate IT infrastructure, so they have a fighting chance against today’s most advanced and persistent digital threats.