In the wise words of Walter Payton

We are Stronger Together than we are Alone

In order to ensure total protection of our end customers, the current mentality amongst the Cisco Partnership ecosystem needs to shift. Currently, us partners approach complex situations on our own, believing we have the capabilities to deal with everything our customers throw our way.

The adversaries we are dealing with are the bad actors online who are more motivated, more sophisticated, and more coordinated than ever. In order to combat this, we have to work together to mitigate risk for our customers.

Knows How to Deliver 

Cybersecurity is not a one size fits all concept. Every customer’s infrastructure, way of working, and way of leveraging technology is different. Ensuring your customers have a security expert is essential in determining the success of their security roadmap. 

Security isn’t one thing, there is no silver bullet. Understanding the necessity of your customers’ environments, realizing gaps, and deploying solutions and services in a holistic manner to build a mature security stack is more difficult today than ever before; yet it is doable.

With a variety of layers of cybersecurity to consider, one piece of technology does not solve your customers problems. In fact, it leaves your customer with a false sense of confidence, when in fact they may still be very vulnerable.

Partnership for Success

At Port53 we leverage the power and elasticity of the cloud to deliver enterprise-grade cybersecurity to all. It’s our mission to enable SMBs and SMEs to safely and securely thrive in the digital world by delivering solutions that are easy to deploy, simple to manage, and extremely effective.

When you partner with Port53, we become your Customer’s security nerve-center, delivering solutions, services, and capabilities that secure their digital estate. While you manage the relationship, we focus only on working with your customers to create enterprise-grade cybersecurity postures that suit their security needs.

Get in Touch

We put a Partnership Agreement in place.

You position as your trusted cybersecurity experts for your customers.

We establish processes and deploy solutions with your customers.

Finally, we invoice the customer and share the profits with you.