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Protect and connect patients, hospitals, and other healthcare professionals securely.


Cybersecurity that Defends Healthcare

The healthcare sector is one of the most targeted industries for ransomware attacks.

Healthcare providers have to put patients’ lives first. They often have no choice but to pay a ransom following an attack due to time sensitive operations.

Full visibility over devices that have access to patient data.

Zero trust networking that limits user access to only things they need.

Data protections, quick and simple and deployment, and ease of use for all staff.


Why Umbrella for your
Hospital or Practice?

Hospitals and electronic health record vendors are prime targets for attacks, as patient records are some of the most expensive types of personal information.

As with healthcare itself, the best medicine is prevention. The most effective anti-ransomware strategy will detect and stop threats before they breach the perimeter.

Cisco Umbrella allows organizations to monitor device activity from anywhere, and identifies threats immediately.


What is Duo?

Cisco Duo is crucial in today’s world, safeguarding sensitive data against emerging threats at healthcare facilities. It effectively mitigates the risk of ransomware through strong authentication and access controls.

Overall, Duo offers a comprehensive defense strategy and ensures the utmost security for valuable hospital assets and patient data.


Secure Patient Experiences Begin in the Cloud

Converge IT, IoT, and physical environments in your medical facility with the Meraki cloud platform.

mXDR Real-time

Detect, respond, and remediate threats before they wreak havoc on your business.

The Port53 Platform alongside our mXDR offering provides you with live updates on events and incidents as we protect against them.

as your

Security Partner

Our team of security experts work closely with you to identify key vulnerabilities, and take the appropriate actions.

Port53 can help you secure all the devices on your network, educate doctors, nurses, volunteers and staff on common cyber threats, and modernize systems.

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