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Cybersecurity for Learning at all Levels


K-12 Schools

The smartest way to meet CIPA compliance and protect students, teachers, and 1:1 programs.


Higher Education

Protect students and staff with security solutions tailored to your university’s needs.


A Security Partner you Can Trust

Cyberattacks compromise the privacy, safety and security of teachers, school administrations, and students.

Port53 mXDR, backed by Cisco, discovers and quickly responds to threats across all vectors. Our service provides you with a unified view, simplified incident management, and automated playbooks, making our approach the broadest in the industry.

Events/Incident Reports

Quickly view all recent events

and their statuses.

SLAs Met

Check to see that you are getting

the most out of your service.

Critical Incidents Resolved

Provides an overview of all recent

resolved critical incidents.


Cybersecurity for Kindergarten and Grade Schools

Due to lack of funding and small IT teams, schools are one of the most popular ransomware targets. We offer tailored solutions to keep your staff and students safe from cyberattacks.

Secure Devices at Home or in the Classroom

SafeSearch Content Filtering for your Students

Quick Deployment, and Easy to Use for all Staff

What is Duo?

With Duo Security, K-12 administrators, faculty, and students can stay safe online.

Flexible, quick to deploy and easy to use, Duo’s resilient security software works around the clock to help protect sensitive academic data and help schools stay compliant.


Why Umbrella for your
K-12 School or District?

With nothing to download or install, Umbrella’s cloud-native, low maintenance solution is very popular with risk averse K-12 school districts.

Cisco Umbrella DNS for Education enables IT administrators to seamlessly extend web filtering
and internet security to all devices, even those that leave campus.

Umbrella’s low-touch deployment can have our cloud-based service up and running district-wide in a day, instantly granting the best defense against ransomware and other malware.

Secure your Students with
SafeSearch Filtering

Protect students with DNS Web Security. SafeSearch content filtering, part of Cisco Umbrella, allows you to hide explicit content across images, videos, and websites on internet searches.


Cybersecurity for
Universities and Colleges

Data breaches can be devastating for universities. They can cause huge ransom payments, stolen student information, and significantly harm reputation.

Port53 is here to help you be proactive in defending against cyber threats.


Cisco Umbrella
DNS Layer Protection

Cisco Umbrella is a cloud security service that provides deep visibility, control, and threat protection. With Umbrella, you can proactively protect students, staff, and guests so they can safely use the internet, anywhere they go.

What is Umbrella?

Cisco Umbrella lets you manage the internet experience on and off your network, putting you in control.

With Umbrella, you can effectively manage your user’s internet access through category-based content web filtering, allow/block lists, and SafeSearch browsing enforcement.

Category-based content web filtering

With 80+ content categories covering millions of domains and billions of web pages, Umbrella’s web content filtering software gives you control over which sites can be accessed by your users.

Select your content settings, or create a custom list based on your need.

Allow and block lists

Allow and block lists ensure users can always or never access certain sites, regardless of the content web filtering settings applied.

Umbrella enables unlimited entries and offers bulk upload for easier administration.

Block bypass

Allow certain individuals, to access specific web filtering categories, such as social networking, or individual domains, that are normally blocked on your network.

Ensure that you are giving the right access to the right user with Cisco Umbrella.

as your

Security Partner

Our team of security experts work closely with you to identify key vulnerabilities, and take the appropriate actions. Port53 can help you secure all the devices on your network, faculty, staff, and students on common cyber threats, and modernize systems.

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