How the World is Changing

The threat landscape of cyberattacks in the workplace has changed. Before cybersecurity focussed on a well-fortified office-protected network. Now, with remote work being the status quo, a post-COVID world has left remote connections and identity as the focal point of cyberattacks.

The Threat Landscape is Changing


of cyber attacks use a combination of phishing and hacking.


of social engineering attacks were phishing-related.


of phishing attacks are targeted spear-phishing attempts.


of all keyloggers are not detectable by antivirus software or firewalls.

Zero-Trust Model: Focus on Access

Protect organizations by verifying the identity of users and the health of their devices before connecting to the applications they need.

We protect organizations by:

1. Verifying the identity of users

2. Ensuring the security hygiene of endpoint devices

Adaptive Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA)

Proactively reduce the risk of a data breach with Duo. Verify users’ identities, gain visibility into every device, and enforce adaptive policies to secure access to every application.

Trust Your Users

Protect your users against credential theft attacks by adding an extra layer of security to your users’ logins with Duo’s cloud-based two-factor authentication solution.

Usable, Hardware-Free Security

Duo provides an easy-to-use, secure mobile authentication app for quick, push notification-based approval to verify your user’s identity. Or, use a variety of supported authentication methods to fit every user’s unique needs.

Protect Every Application

With Duo Free, you can integrate two-factor authentication with your federated cloud and on-premises application logins to protect data no matter where it lives. Protect as many applications as you need, at no additional cost for new integrations.

Trust Duo

Compare Duo’s different plans to find which one is right for you.


Easily deploy multi-factor authentication to your users. Get basic access controls, advanced administrative management, and an overview of your device security hygiene.

Duo Access

With Duo Access, you can get detailed device data to enable device access controls, give your users a secure single sign-on (SSO) experience, and conduct vulnerability assessments.

Duo Beyond

With Duo Beyond, you can identify trusted endpoints by easily deploying device certificates, block any untrusted endpoints, and give your users secure access without a VPN.

Editions and Pricing

Protecting access is easy, effective, and economical with Duo’s trusted access solution plans. See Duo’s pricing for different plans, including Duo MFA, Duo Access, and Duo Beyond.


Protect access to federated cloud and on-premises applications with Duo’s easy-to-use two-factor authentication, your essential credential theft protection solution.


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$3 / User / Month

Duo Access

$6 / User / Month

Duo Beyond

$9 / User / Month