Cyber Resiliency

Port53 and Cisco Secure power security resilience, enabling organizations to protect the integrity of their business amidst unpredictable threats or change.

5 Dimensions of Security Resilience

Port53 and the Cisco Secure platform helps businesses:

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Activate billions of signals with telemetry across your ecosystem, and active monitoring and filtering.

Anticipate What’s Next

Embrace shared, actionable intelligence and expertise to always know when your world changes.

Take Action

Prioritize what’s most important with risk-based context analysis and continuous trust assessment of everyone and everything.

Close Gaps

Achieve a pervasive defense across the ecosystem with an open, integrated platform across Campus, Data Center, Cloud, Edge.

Get Stronger

Optimize efficacy. orchestrate and automating your response so you can spring back faster.

Gartner Summit

Port53 attended the Gartner Security & Risk Management Summit in London to spread the message of security resilience. Your security stack is the immune system of your enterprise.

Just like you take measures to keep your body healthy (eating your veggies, regular exercise or an annual flu shot) you must take similar preventative measures to protect your IT.

Security resilience requires a new strategy

Point Solutions



Alert/ Threat-centric

Security Resilience

Detection/ Response/ Recovery



Your security stack is the immune system
of your enterprise

Just like you protect your body from disease…


Fuel your body, Taking the proper precautionary measures – cyber health check, Umbrella, DNS Security.

Mental Health

Scanning your network and find security lapses and such.


Pen testing and audits.


Getting stronger by following a framework.

Doctors Orders

When a virus does get in, we take action.

Why Cisco?

Cisco Secure has an unparalleled vantage point for protecting the integrity of businesses.

Security resilience powered by Cisco Secure

We power security resilience for our customers through our Cisco Secure platform, fuelled by our Talos threat intelligence and response team.

User & Device Security

Identify & Access
Multi-factor authentication
Passwordless SSO
Zero Trust access and monitoring

Endpoint Protection
Cloud-based endpoint visibility
Detection and response

Email Security
Network and cloud-native

Network Security

Enterprise and campus
Remote access

Network Access Control IoT/OT Security
Zero Trust L2 Segmentation

Service Edge
Secure DNS, Web, Cloud
Zero Trust Private Access

Digital Experience
Full Stack Observability

Cloud & Application Security

Workload Protection
Zero Trust Micro-segmentation
(Clod & DC)

Cloud-Native Security
Kubernates, Container, Service
Mesh, CI/CD, API Security

Application Security
Runtime Application Self-Protection

Key Characteristics


Integrates openly allowing for developer and ecosystem relevance


Scales up or down to meet enterprise workloads and volume


Native integration across Cisco and within the Cisco Secure Platform


Wide geographic coverage


World-class support, services, training, partner ecosystem, financing, CISO advisors, on-going investment, 25k+ patents

Take Action – Secure with Cisco

When you look at making measurable progress to strengthen your entire organization, be sure it has a solid foundation in security resilience.
Port53 and Cisco Secure can help you wherever you are on that journey.