CMMC – The Compliance Gold Standard

CMMC works on the basis that cybersecurity is holistic and ever-changing. It’s about more than just providing the right firewalls or server protection.

 is RPO Certified

Port53 has been chosen by the CMMC Accreditation Body as one of the few Registered Provider Organizations (RPO) certified to assist organizations of all sizes on their journey of becoming CMMC certified.

By leveraging the TrustMAPP platform to streamline gap identification and prioritization, and following through with enterprise-grade solutions to fill those gaps in controls and processes, Port53 has cut through the noise and drastically simplified the CMMC journey.

Measuring Maturity Graded on Scale

Sophisticated cyber crime means there’s always going to be a necessity for more and more advanced cybersecurity. For compliance, that means assessing it from an organic, human viewpoint that sees the whole picture, rather than reducing compliance to a box ticking exercise that anyone can pass as long as they’ve performed the “right” actions at the right time. 

The industry is shifting from a flat compliance model, to measuring cybersecurity maturity. Graded on a scale, the new method will evaluate not only the rigor of an enterprise’s security posture but its level of integration against achieving those aims. It presents a holistic picture of how developed the company’s security strategy is, revealing much more than a pass/fail audit.

While for now, CMMC might be aimed solely at DoD contractors, it’s certainly a sign of things to come for all cybersecurity systems. “Is this worth it? Can I afford it?” Are just a few of the questions organizations are asking today.

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The Solution

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